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10 amazing wedding styles you'll want to copy

10 Amazing Wedding Styles You’ll Want to Copy

From walking down the aisle to dinner and dancing, your wedding is a celebration of you as a couple and your love for one another. It should be a creative, yet meaningful expression of the love that brought the two of you together.

With an amazing city like Chicago as your backdrop, there are so many ways to set a picture perfect ambiance for your special day. Consider these 10 inspired wedding styles that will delight your guests, and let your personalities shine through too.

1. Whimsical Garden Party

Color palette: Soft Pink/Gold/Green/White
Venue: Lush, secluded garden
Details: Flower swing | delicate china | ivy | fun furniture | candles

Imagine strolling through a pathway adorned in soft blooms and arriving at an elegant tea party. Take mismatched pieces of antique-inspired furniture and set them within the intimacy of a lush garden.

A soft, natural color palette is the perfect complement to such a delicate setting and it’s earthy accents. Incorporate interesting décor pieces like a swing or doorway and cover them in flowers or ivy for a touch of whimsy and a truly dreamy ambiance.

2. Industrial Loft

Color palette: Green/Magenta/Charcoal
Venue: Urban loft in the revived industrial district
Details: Exposed beams | hanging lights | wooden tables | empty frames | wood crates

A loft wedding allows for a modern interpretation of a truly raw and empty space.
Greenery provides a nice contrast to the minimalist setting at a loft. Shrubbery alongside the altar or garland along reception tables is a beautiful way to soften an industrial space.

Suspend empty picture frames to fill in some of the empty wall space in a unique and creative way. Hanging strings of light is another good way to add warm decoration to an otherwise bare setting.

3. Vintage Glam

Color palette: Gold/Ivory/White
Venue: Old, historic hotel
Details: Vintage camera | crystal chandeliers | gold tableware | art deco patterns | sparkles

The phrase “vintage glam” brings the 1920’s to mind. Set the table with a sparkling gold cloth and accent with crystal décor. Elaborate chandeliers and frames will add more sparkling touches throughout an opulent venue.

Styling deco patterns in gold coloring will recall the glamour of another era. Incorporate old cameras and photos to truly set the stage.

4. Ethereal Seaside Affair

Color palette: Shades of blue
Venue: Private stretch of oceanside beach
Details: seashells | driftwood | linen fabric | watercolors | sand

Highlight the movement of a seaside breeze with raw, lightweight linens anchored by natural elements from the beach. Arrange organic driftwood and seashells throughout low-lying floral displays to create an intimate ambiance.

Draw inspiration from the cool tones of the water and the sand. Incorporate textures from the natural landscape for both understated elegance and natural beauty.

5. Elegant Vineyard

Color palette: Taupe/White/Green/ Mahogany
Venue: Sunny, local vineyard
Details: Strung lights | stones | greenery | candles | scenic views

Vast open space with long lines of greenery sets the stage for a vineyard wedding.
The expansive, lush atmosphere calls for minimal decoration and a neutral color palette.

Soft white flowers paired with natural greens will complement the natural beauty of the venue. Intimate table settings with dim lights alongside Tuscan-inspired architecture create an ambiance that is both serene and elegant.

6. Modern Geometric

Color palette: Navy/Gold/Pink/ Turquoise
Venue: city loft or art gallery
Details: Bright colors | shapes | metallic | patterns | glitter

Bring a blank space to life with bright colors and interesting shapes. Take elements of graphic design and carry them through the décor of the entire event.

Incorporate some three dimensional elements throughout your tablescapes for a touch of modernity. Metallic accents or glitter are a fun complement to outline bold patterns throughout.

7. Colorful Bohemian Celebration

Color palette: Magenta/Purple/Orange/ Indigo
Venue: Outdoor park
Details: Bold colors | throw pillows | ribbons | metallic | candles

Ethereal fabrics, whimsical bouquets and floral crowns- the bohemian aesthetic is beautiful and distinctive. Hanging elements like vibrant ribbons make for a dreamy, elegant atmosphere with a soft breeze.

Mix and match plate patterns alongside boldly colored florals on a piece of bare wooden piece of furniture. Incorporate fun elements like feathers, bright yarn and colorful embroideries throughout décor for a creatively inspired ambiance.

8. Intimate Backyard Soiree

Color palette: Green/Yellow/White
Venue: A loved one’s backyard
Details: white tent | string lights | homemade picture frames | family-style meal | iced tea glasses

A backyard wedding is ideal for a cozy, more intimate experience. Serve comfort foods or homemade ice teas and lemonades to keep with the homey vibe of the day. Incorporate personal elements like family photos or pieces of your love story for a close-knit guest list to enjoy.

Utilizing a tent will break up smaller yard space. Arranging taller cocktail tables along the outside with lower round tables underneath will create movement for your guests. Lights strung throughout the trees and tent will set a truly romantic mood.

9. Enchanted Woodland

Color palette: Brown/Forest Green/ Olive Green/ Beige
Venue: Private, overgrown clearing in the forest
Details: Pine cones | tree stump seating | greenery | berries | hanging lights

A woodland setting lends itself to an earthy color palette. Soft greens and browns paired with nature inspired décor give a rustic touch. The tables will come to life with tall standing greens and twigs as a whimsical centerpiece.

Tall trees around the wedding area create a feeling of seclusion and tranquility.
Hang soft white fabrics from some of the branches. The movement with a gentle forest breeze will bring a truly enchanted atmosphere.

10. Country Chic

Color palette: Brown/Pink
Venue: Rehabbed barn
Details: mason jars | bulb lights | upcycled wine barrels | clothespins | wildflowers

There are many ways to style a barn venue. Introducing décor in soft pink is a chic, feminine twist on a classic theme. Hang mason jars along the aisle filled with groups of wildflowers. Create fun, country-like displays using elements like barrels or clothespins.

Utilize bare wooden furniture to keep a simplistic, rustic feel. Stringing lights throughout the tall, vaulted ceilings in a barn will bring warmth to the wooden setting and highlight the shape of the structure.

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