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12 New Wedding Color Combos

Choosing the colors for your wedding can prove to be more difficult than it seems. With such a wide variety of shades and patterns, the possibilities can seem endless! Your color palette reflects the mood of the day and set the stage for the rest of your event décor. Indulge in these 12 color combinations to ignite inspiration for your big day.

1. Blush & Lace

Tones like pale blush paired alongside creamy white speaks a soft, feminine vibe. Blooms like classic roses make for gorgeous bouquets as well as centerpieces later at the reception.


Soft pinks and blushes are a unique and exquisite choice for styling. Instead of traditional white, consider a dress in color with accenting touches of lace.

Pairing lace accessories, like shoes or vintage parasols lend themselves perfectly to delicacy of the palette. Whether you use them in photos, or simply throughout your décor, these interesting pieces add a touch of elegance and romance.

White cakes can be crafted to resemble a lace motif. Pair with delicate pink florals for a classically elegant display.

When colors like blush or soft pink are paired with a delicate lace pattern, the result is gentle and timeless. Wrap a lace motif around the base of your centerpieces for an extra delicate touch.

2. Ocean Shades

Layer place settings with blue patterns that are reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Tableware in these cool shades will mimic the look of sea glass throughout your décor.


Add simple, individual flowers to different sized bottles for a gentle accent to table décor. The way the light hits each glass will illuminate the cascading shades of blue.

Get creative with the choice of coloring for your cake. Have your decorator paint flowers in varying shades to tie together the palette and add a piece of art to your ceremony.

Provide variety to your escort cards by hanging names in a gradation of blue colors. Have each card vary the one before very slightly, to create a unique, layered display.

Layering shades of blue for bridesmaid’s dresses creates a stunning visual effect, when standing side by side. Prepare swatches you like and give them to your maids. This will allow them to pick styles that best suit them and also remain within your color palette.

3. Peach, Mint & Gold

Blending peach, mint and gold makes for table settings that are chic and totally fun. These soft, inviting colors create playful ambiance and the metallic shimmer of the gold is the perfect compliment.


Design your invitations on mint and peach paper and offset with metallic gold writing. Touches like gold polka dots or mint patterns inside the envelope are subtle, decorative surprises for your guests.

Dessert can be another great way to incorporate the palette. Choose a cake with peach, mint and gold in a unique, chevron pattern to sit as the centerpiece of your décor.

The mint color incorporates beautifully throughout apparel for both the bridal and grooms parties. Pairing with peach colored bouquets and boutonnieres adds the perfect contrast.

There is a vast selection of florals in peach tones. Offset the coloring of your centerpieces with mint napkins and china. Incorporate gold trimming around the plates for a playful, feminine touch.

4. Lavender and Gold

Introducing a contrast like gold in your décor sets an atmosphere that is luxurious and feminine. Consider gold-encrusted chairs for an antique-inspired touch.


Roses in soft purple colors compliment beautifully with a sharp, metallic contrast. Wrap your bouquets in gold materials or juxtapose gold at the base of your centerpieces.

Design your cake in a warm base tone with metallic patterns over it. Pair will delicate purple blooms for a softer, antique look.

Gold is a beautiful compliment to the whites, creams and ivories in wedding dresses. Pair your dress with a gold comb or shoe to pick up accents in the gown. The palette can also be incorporated throughout bridesmaid’s dresses or jewelry.

Compliment purple flowers with gold fabrics or tableware. Use gentle lighting in purple tones to pick up and soften the opulence of fold décor.

5. Neon Brights

Use this fun palette to get creative with your cake. Incorporate neon colors, flowers or even playful patterns like splattered paint to accent the theme of the day.


Incorporate an array of electric colors throughout your stationary. The pop of color against the crisp white background makes for a fun, impactful design.

With a neutral tablecloth as the base, add some brightly colored elements to your table settings.  The contrast between neon glasses and simple linens creates a modern, urban vibe.

Create a bouquet with varying vivid blooms in pinks, yellows, blues and more. The brightly colored palette will create an amazing pop against a white dress.

Instead of rice or bubbles, provide your guests with confetti to throw. This fun substitution will make for a colorful exit and quite the fun photo opp!

6. Navy and Pink

Pinks mixed with navy create a balance of playfulness and sophistication. Wrap with a bold navy ribbon around wild pink flowers to highlight the contrast.


Navy is such a striking color for both dresses and suits. Pairing with pink flowers or accessories is an excellent way to soften the look and pull together this chic color palette.

This palette calls for clean lines and sharp lettering throughout stationary and table numbers. Add details like pink bowties for a fun and elegant twist.

Use white fondant with refined navy detailing around the base of each layer. To liven up a classic look, add wild, unkempt pink floral details on the top of the cake and around the sides.

Start with a solid navy tablecloth and offset with tall, playful centerpieces. Use vases at different heights and fill with bright pink flowers for a uniquely whimsical display.

7. Silver, Brass and White

Silver and white, with brass accents makes a sophisticated and elegant combination of colors and textures. Aged brass vases provide a nice contrast to crisp white linens and flowers throughout table settings.


Use brass frames throughout the signage at your ceremony and reception. Pairing classic fonts, when describing signature cocktails with metallic makes a fun and elegant contrast.

Use white flowers in excess throughout your ceremony and reception. Take petals and design them in a whimsical pattern down the aisle. Brass or silver lanterns are the perfect accent at the end of each row of seats.

A cake within this color palette calls for simplicity and refinement. Highlight the details of big white blooms and lustrous silver edging against a clean white base.

Classic invitations set the tone of sophistication and timelessness. Use white lettering against a charcoal background, and just a hint of the brass coloring to achieve the desired effect.

8. Yellow and Gray

For the playfulness that accompanies this palette, get a bit crafty. Utilize ribbons or flags in gray and yellow tones to accent your ceremonial décor.


Set polka dot and chevron patterns against gray and yellow colors for the cake. Mixing and matching throughout the layers puts a modern twist on a retro palette.

Bold type and an interesting layout characterize the stationary suitable for this palette. Use strong charcoal lettering with carefully placed pops of bright yellow for a fun, delightful design.

Start with a basic gray tablecloth and incorporate yellow details throughout your table décor. Layering plates and stationary in the gray then yellow colors and patterns provides a lovely mix.

Gray is fun color choice for the bridal party, groomsmen or even the groom. A suit in grey pin stripes with a pop of color on a yellow boutonniere is a stylish and creative approach to this color palette.

9. Burgundy and Blue

Elements like berries and wine are other ways to incorporate this color palette at your reception. Serve treats or drinks with these colorful items for well-balanced decoration.


Pair the richness of burgundy flowers with the delicate nature of a chinoiserie pattern. The contrast sets a scene that is both elegant and refined.

Deep reds lend themselves to many beautiful, natural décor elements such as fruits. Pair with blue paper and calligraphy for a beautiful escort card display.

Big blooms like burgundy roses or ranunculus provide a dramatic contrast to a bride’s white dress. Style your groom in navy blue to incorporate this palette into his style too!

Use navy blue throughout your linens and seat covers. Accenting with burgundy flowers alongside aisle décor make for a truly inspired ceremony setup.

10. Orange and Yellow

The progression of color from dark burnt orange to bright yellow is visually striking. Create a floral arch that displays the entire range of color and make an impact for your guests.


Flowers in bright yellows and orange are a fun and vivid addition to your décor. Set them inside a wooden box to add a rustic hint to your design.

You can also incorporate festive florals into the fashion for the day. Floral wreaths or small yellow or orange blooms tucked into your hairdo are an elegant, feminine hint.

Using a variety of blooms within the color palette create an eclectic, colorful display. Drape bright fabric throughout branches to cultivate the free-flowing atmosphere.

Utilize tall layers, bright colors and fun patterns in your cake display. Accents like little pearls and flowers buds dispersed throughout are a playful and tasteful addition.

11. Emerald & Gold

Emerald and gold set the tone for antique-inspired décor. Use gold as the setting for the linens and silverware and then incorporate emerald in the stationary and signage.



Gold edging with emerald diamonds filled in creates a cake that is elegant and inspired. The deco pattern gives quite the vintage feel!

The green coloring can also be incorporated with the emerald stone. Choose accessories in this family to add a little pop to your bridal styling.

Pairing bold emerald with metallic gold gives a feel of old world glamour. Vintage trays make for an elegant way to display aspects of your décor as well.

To keep with the vintage inspiration that accompanies this color palette, incorporate emerald bowties. Interesting patterns make this detail even more of a statement throughout your décor.

12. Watercolors

Incorporate hand-painted pieces of décor wherever you can. Using simple watercolor paints and stencils, you can put a creative twist on things aspects like table numbers and reflect the crafty vibe of your wedding.


Compliment watercolor stationary with linens in the same palette. Keep the tablecloth neutral and place a folded, paint-inspired napkin under each place setting.

Choose a gentle progression of watercolors through the layers of your cake. Pair with delicate blooms on the top and around the base for a touch of softness.

Set floral displays against unique watercolor wall art. The juxtaposition of the color palettes will provide “pop” throughout your décor.

In lieu of a traditional guestbook, leave your guests a series of canvases and a watercolor palette. This will provide your guests with a creative opportunity to send their message and contribute to your décor theme too!

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