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Best Chicago Wedding Venue: Indoor or Outdoor

Do you have a Chicago wedding to plan? Then it’s time to start hunting for a venue. One of the toughest decisions is whether to settle on an indoor or outdoor venue. Maybe we can help you figure that out!

Should You Choose an Outdoor Wedding Venue

If you want an outdoorsy wedding, there is one factor that you need to keep in mind.

Weather. Unless “Winter Wonderland” is your theme, choose wisely when planning a fall, winter, or early spring Chicago wedding. The city (as well as the rest of the Midwest) is well-known for its unpredictable weather, with chilly temperatures lingering late into March and early April. You may have a guest list of winter-worn Chicagoans who prefer not to wear snow boots and parkas as part of their formal attire. Any Chicago native will tell you that late spring and summer is when people come out of hibernation to enjoy all that the city has to offer. For some outdoor wedding ideas, check out our 15 Best Outdoor Wedding Venues in Chicago!

Chicago is home to many breathtaking outdoor wedding locations that are perfect for a walk down the aisle.

or an Indoor Wedding Venue?

Are you leaning towards a climate-controlled wedding locale? Before you make a commitment…

An indoor wedding venue at a hotel, conference center, or church may seem extremely convenient, especially if they offer built-in accommodations, but consider these possible hurdles.

  • Restricted space – Your guest list is a major priority and should be drafted before you select a place to tie the knot. You don’t want to choose a venue that leaves some guests without room to breathe, or more importantly, seats.
  • Hidden costs – Remember that your budget is going to be a deciding factor. Double check to make sure there aren’t any hidden fees attached to the venue, such as valet costs, cake-cutting fees, and overtime for the wedding staff.
  • Vendor restrictions – Do you have a florist, wedding planner, or catering service that you are dying to hire? Before you select an indoor wedding venue, check and see if there are special circumstances in terms of using local vendors. Some places offer everything in-house.

Want to start a running list of hotels? Read more from our post–9 Best Hotels You’d Be Crazy Not to Have Your Wedding At.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Venue

If you live near or in Chicago, what’s listed below probably won’t come as a shock. 

  • Traffic – If you live in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs, you probably had your fill of traffic woes. Commuting to and from the city is hectic, and you don’t want your wedding party and guests to be running late because of a traffic jam. The CTA system, Metra, and Amtrak are three forms of transportation that allows you to avoid the roads and road rage (we’ve all been there). For the extra-prepared bride and groom, keep track of traffic with
  • Convenient accommodations – Where are your guests traveling from? Some people may live in the city while others venture from the suburbs and beyond. When picking your venue, research the area and see if there are accessible hotels, parking, and transportation.

Everyone wants to pull off the perfect wedding, but there will always be a bump or two along the way. However, the hair-pulling, nail-biting, stomach-churning stress will be worth it once you get to tie the knot with the one you love. And to make the night more memorable, let us help you capture all the silly, sweet, and sappy moments. Photobooths provides personable and professional service for all types of events, including weddings!

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