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Chicago Bachelorette Party ideas

5 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas in Chicago

Girls just wanna have fun! What defines one girl’s idea of fun, however, may be not the same for another. While some brides-to-be want to experience a rollicking night out on the town, others may prefer to kick up their heels and enjoy a more low-key affair. To ensure you and your best gal pals share an event to remember in Chicago, make sure you design a ladies’ night out with your bride-to-be’s style and preferences in mind. Read more…

25 Fun Photo Poses for Your Wedding Day

25 Fun Photo Poses for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day provides the perfect opportunity to capture lasting memories that you can relive time and time again each time you open your wedding album or coffee table book. For those seeking fun, creative inspiration for their wedding photo session, look no further! Read more…


How to Hire a Wedding Photographer [infographic]

While there are countless choices to be made while planning a wedding, your selection of wedding photographer will be one of the most important. After the day has come to a close, your photographer is the one responsible for preserving these memories years to come. However it can also be one of the more challenging decisions. While your other vendors can provide you with tastings and examples, you won’t know what your photographer will produce until after the fact. Before selecting the party in charge of telling the story of your wedding day, make sure your well versed on everything you need to know…

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DIY Wedding Photo Booth Props [free downloads!]

So you’re planning the layout of your reception, and you want to make sure your guests have a pit stop past the bar and the dance floor. Your friends and family are there to celebrate and setting up a wedding photo booth can be a fun way to keep them engaged and keep the party flowing.

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DIY Weddings

10 Ways to Have a DIY Chicago Wedding on a Budget

If you are one of those girls who grew up fancifully perfecting every little detail of your dream wedding day down to the customized favors and chair covers, it’s likely that your daydreams conveniently left out any thought of cost or budget.

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Chicago Engagement Portraits

10 Unique Engagement Photo Locations in Chicago

Chicago Engagement Portraits

Taking your engagement photos in a city like Chicago offers a selection of romantic, inspired settings with everything from stunning architecture alongside picturesque bodies of water to lush landscapes and a renowned city skyline. Whether you choose to highlight one spectacular location or travel around to include a few, there are quite a few opportunities to capture photos that are eye-catching, personal and distinctly Chicago.

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Wedding Day Checklist |

Wedding Day Survival Checklist – Free Download!

After a whirlwind of planning and preparation during your wedding engagement period, the big day is finally here! You’ve spent months making vendor selections, style choices, venue arrangements etc. and now you want to make sure everything falls seamlessly into place. But before you can take the fateful walk, there are still a few last minute things to do, to pack and to remember. Read more…