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DIY Wedding Photo Booth Props [free downloads!]

So you’re planning the layout of your reception, and you want to make sure your guests have a pit stop past the bar and the dance floor. Your friends and family are there to celebrate and setting up a wedding photo booth can be a fun way to keep them engaged and keep the party flowing.

Creating your own props is an easy and inexpensive twist for this party favorite! Just a few materials and some easy-to-follow steps will leave you with quirky ways to keep your guests entertained throughout the whole night.

Download our exclusive DIY props sets and follow the steps below to make awesome retro props at home!


Download this prop set. 


Printable photo booth props

Pair of scissors

X-acto knife

Card stock or Foam Core

Computer Paper

Spray adhesive

Glue or tape

Feathers, rhinestones etc.

Step 1: Download.

Click to download these free photo booth accessories. You can either print them directly onto pieces of card stock, or on regular computer paper (and move on to step two.) Print as many sheets necessary to fit your guest list and overall atmosphere for your wedding.

Step 2: Adhere.

If you printed onto regular computer paper, your next step is to adhere your printouts onto a sturdier material. Spray adhesive on the back of your printouts and place them on either the card stock or the foam core. Gently press down and smooth out any air bubbles so that the printout will lay flat.

Step 3: Cut out your props.

Use your scissors to carefully remove the excess white space around the images. To outline the inside of props like glasses, use the x-acto knife and trace along edges.

Step 4: Assemble.

Use either tape or glue to attach your cutouts to the dowels. Make sure they are secure enough to withstand a few hours of use!

Step 5:Embellish.

For a vintage vibe, add some feathers to end of your props or some rhinestones for a more glamorous feel. Use your imagination to personalize your printouts to fit your wedding.

 Step 5: Enjoy!

Display your props in a decorative vase and have fun with them. Don’t forget to have a few backup materials handy to make any last minute repairs!


Download this prop set.

This collection of retro identities is sure to give your guests some silly inspiration! To add a bit of hometown flare to your photo booth, consider props that are a little more Chicago-centric. You can print out the logos for the Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Blackhawks or Bulls and pair them with the appropriate equipment or consider a Mike Ditka mustache and glasses combo for sports enthusiasts. Chicago is the home of jazz music. Pay tribute to this history by including a saxophone and music note props. Chicago is also home to many culinary delights. Pay homage to your favorites with a prop for deep-dish pizza or a Chicago style hot dog. As long as you can find a printable version of an image you think your guests would enjoy, you can use these simple steps to turn it into a creative prop.


Download this prop set.

By adding props to your wedding photo booth, you’ll give your guests the opportunity to express a bit of personality and create a keepsake from your special day. Not to mention you are your new spouse will get hours of entertainment flipping through the photos of your maid on honor with a mustache or your grandmother-in-law in hipster glasses. These images will serve as treasured reminders of the spirit of the wedding day for years to come!

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